Behavioural Safety

Employers have a responsibility to help prevent workplace bullying and harassment. It should be clear to all staff members that such behaviour will not be tolerated in the workplace. Training employees on what constitutes acceptable workplace behaviour makes it easier for everyone to be fully aware of their responsibilities to others.

Safety-TV’s online videos and e-learning courses allow you to schedule and monitor bullying and harassment training across your entire organisation. You’ll be able to easily train and then assess your employees' workplace bullying and harassment knowledge, as well as gain unlimited access to individual trainee and group results and their complete training history.

Behavioural Safety

Maintaining a Harassment Free Office: Mangers

  • What Is Harassment?

  • Recognising Harassment

  • Leading The Way

  • Workplace Behaviour

  • Dealing With Complaints

  • Interviewing Complainants

  • Resolution Procedures

Maintaining a Harassment Free Office: Employees

  • Varying Perceptions

  • What Is Harassment?

  • Recognising Harassment

  • Workplace Behaviour

  • Outcomes of Harassment

  • Preventing Harassment

Sexual Harassment Training: For Managers

  • What Constitutes Sexual Harassment

  • Preventative Measures

  • Handling a Complaint

  • Organisation’s Responses

  • Taking Action

Sexual Harassment Training: For Employees 

  • What Constitutes Sexual Harassment

  • Preventative Measures

  • Making a Complaint

  • Organisation’s Responses

  • Bystander Action

Workplace Bullying & Harassment

  • Re-enactment 1

  • Re-enactment 2

  • Re-enactment 3

  • Re-enactment 4

  • Re-enactment 5

  • Unacceptable behaviour

  • Recognising the signs

  • Responding to bullying & harassment

  • Dealing with aggression & violence

Handling Aggressive Behaviour in Public

  • Aggressive Behaviour Types

  • Aggressive Behaviour Causes

  • Risks & Repercussions

  • Aggressive Behaviour Precautions

  • De-Escalating Aggressive Behaviour

  • Defending Against Aggressive Behaviour


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