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We strongly believe when you leave for work your family should expect you to return home safely. Training can help prevent the 1000’s of deaths each year.

Adding to that, thousands more are maimed and injured, devastating families and ruining businesses.

You can take steps to prevent accidents so please take a few minutes to look around our site and see why online training is a time and cost-effective way to help your staff return home safely.



With E-Learning technology based on good customer experience, our users find the system highly intuitive. Good computer literacy is not necessary to be able to configure lesson plans, identify safety skills gaps and even build your own courses. Our clients range from government departments to small SME’s and they have all taken advantage of the flexible Vocam training platform.

Only basic Computer Literacy Required

Both training manager and trainee will be exposed to a highly intuitive interface. With only basic computer skills the system can be mastered in minutes 

Intuitive Automated Training

Automate training delivery by introducing 'Lesson Plans'. In a short time training courses can be delivered to individuals or groups with intuitive controls.

Integration and Web Services

Our system integrates with HRMS, Payroll, LMS and other systems. We offer a Web Services API for full and seamless integration into your existing management systems.

The system allows full branding to customise your users training interface. You can even customise the automatically generated certificates for users and training managers to print off.


If you want your trainees to remember the lessons from their training, you can do no better that use our high quality interactive video courses showing real people in real workplaces with re-enactments of real scenarios.  These courses can be used to build your own customised assets. Create your your own e-learning assets for tailored training to meet exact needs. Use your own material or select from any of our 100's of videos and questions. If you have SCORM compliant courses these can be integrated into the system for use as bespoke training courses.

Use our video content or your own video

Video comes with audio, or create your own voice over.

Add any documentation you want trainees to view.

You can also add slides as required.

Set your own questions.


Case Studies

All training companies want you to believe they are the best. ELHS have received consistently positive feedback both for the quality of the courses, our customer service and flexibility.

The following case studies will show how successful our E-Learning courses have been for our clients.

Case Study 1


A major manufacturing company, with sites nationwide. 

Health and safety training was sporadic with one health and safety manager responsible for five sites, aided by supervisors. Despite the best intentions of the health and safety manager, training was an issue. This presented a real problem especially with the daily use of large machinery, and the use of hazardous substances.

After consultation and a trial the e-learning solution was introduced to one of five sites in the UK. With a target of implementing the system at all sites in the UK. E-learning includes an automatic reporting history, so training was up and running with audited reports within hours. E-learning results and completion certificates are automatically emailed to the trainer.

Training started with the managers of each department. Each manager was then able to focus on essential areas of health and safety training required for their department, including hazardous substances, manual handling.

Following successful implementation at the first site, the e-learning training has now been introduced to all sites.

Case Study 2


A Building and Compliance, family owned company. 

The directors were keen to implement a health and safety plan but were restricted by a lack of resources. Following consultation and a trial, the e-learning option was introduced. 

A training matrix was implemented, and staff were sorted into groups e.g. managers, office staff, drivers, building operatives, contractors, etc.

The target was to complete training for all personnel within a six month time scale and this target was achieved. 

The automatic reporting history and completion certificates makes it possible for the company to successfully implement a health and safety training option that limits disruption to the business. 

The directors can see at a glance how training is progressing. Automatic reminders to employees, ensure that training is completed within a given timescale. The e-learning option continues to prove a time and cost-effective way of training staff.


Case Study 3


A Major UK Facilities Management Company.

Training took place across all sites, but it was difficult to obtain information as to who had completed training and when.  



Sessions were purchased by a central buying team who distributed the sessions to each site, for use by the health and safety managers. The company now has a record of all training completed and when.

Case Study 4


A Top UK Security establishment.

Security was a major issue. In addition, the remote working of members of staff presented a problem because it was not practical or time effective to send a trainer to a remote site to train one person, but it was essential training was implemented. 

After a major onsite trial, the site opted to have the courses installed on their company servers.

Thus personnel were able to access the training with a secure password and it is now possible for all members of staff to receive health and safety training wherever they were based.


Case Study 5

A popular London visitor centre.

The high number of temporary staff needed during the high season presented a problem because new members of staff needed to be trained from day one. E-learning was introduced after consultation and a trial. 

Induction courses are emailed to new staff to complete on their first day. In addition, refresher training for existing members of staff was carried out effectively, with courses emailed and automatic reminders to complete the courses within a set timescale. 

For more case studies please contact the ELHS office.



How does online e-learning work?

The course is emailed directly to your employee, with a password and user name. They click on the link to complete the course online.

There are numerous e-learning courses on the market, why choose ours?

Please note the following:​

  • The courses we provide unlike many on the market are real life scenarios, not text only or cartoons. This helps your employees to relate to real life risks.

  • We cater for companies of all sizes, from small SMEs to large corporate organisations.

  • We allow you to customise courses using a mix of our content with content you have developed yourself for a truly bespoke training experience.

How will I know if an employee has completed their full e-learning course?

Once completed the results of the employee are emailed automatically to you for your records.

Will they receive a certificate?

The completion certificates are automatically generated, they can be printed by you the trainer, or you can allow trainees to print their own.

How soon before I can start training?

Training can start within an hour of your order being received.

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